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Intentional Farming

We trace our roots to the Colonists of Connecticut. Our heritage is a tailwind for innovation and stewardship. Methods and Mission combine to make our farm efficient and sustainably profitable at low environmental impact. No-till, strip-till, GNSS-based application, advanced cover crop systems, and water quality monitoring ensure long term term viability for everyone.

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Farming for Hire

Unparalleled Capacity to Meet Your Farm's Needs


From moldboard plow to the latest in multi-product strip-till, we meet your land's tillage and application needs.


Any season, any crop. Our full line of seeding equipment can meet your row-width and conservation requirements to maximize early vigor


A narrow harvest window is our everyday workplace. Trucking and seed conditioning available

Precision Application

State-of-the-art drainage and application equipment to meet all standards, including automated WI-A2809 for Nutrient Plans

Land Lease Bundles

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  • Flat Rate $
  • Cash Rent, APH Proportioned
  • Annual Revisit
  • No Cost Sharing
  • Limited Yield Data
  • Limited Agronomics
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  • Flex Rent $$
  • Price and Yield Proportioned
  • Multi-Year Commitment
  • Partial Cost Sharing
  • Yield Trends and Maps
  • Agronomic Zones
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  • Expert

  • Crop Share $$$
  • Input, Price, and Yield Proportioned
  • Single Or Multi-Year
  • Full Cost Share Option
  • Geospatial Yield Access
  • Precision Profit Centers

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Help Wanted: May, October, November

Team Leader and Company Founder

Mark Adsit

CEO, Founder

Leader of Operations and Purchasing

Troy Anderson

COO, Logistics

R&D Leader, Technology Offcier

Graham Adsit

CTO, Engineering

Experienced Operating Engineer

Jared Berteche

Operating Engineer

Business Inquiries and General Contact

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