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Rapid Prototyping Session

  Going through exercise in iterative prototype and additive manufacturing.

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  Conserving important details.   Deliberately creating shelters for threatened species.

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Last Day Harvest, ’15

  Everyone in a vehicle!  Quittin’ time!

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Healthy Cover Crops

  Oat,Pea, and Radish Cover crop following SRW wheat harvest, 2014.

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Strip-Till Spring ’16

  Dawn Pluribus Strip-till running well on long term no-till ground.

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Drain Tile Repair ’16

  Thirty Days in the Hole – Well …. at least 3.  Plugging with FISH!  Fingernails stained for 2 weeks – odd.

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Learning the Hard Way

  Dean is learning to set reel and sickle height in a very labor intensive way.

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Crimped Cover Crop – Iowa

  Dawn Equipment ZRX Demo, Iowa 2014

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LastDay ’16 Lunch

 In the marsh, last day of spring planting 2016.

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